February 9, 2014


While I was searching for ideas for my packaging, I quickly feel in love with the idea of using a  custom rubber stamp. There’s just something about them that gives your packaging that boutique look. It think it gives the person that is receiving their products the impression that you really took the time to make sure that everything went perfectly together, it’s that attention to detail. Custom rubber stamps can help personalize and brand your packaging. 

Once I decided that I wanted to get some custom rubber stamps ordered, I started searching for companies that make them. That’s when I can across Rubberstamps.netIn my opinion, they have decent prices, an easy online ordering process, and—best of all—the stamps arrived super fast. I’m very pleased with the quality of the product.

I decided on getting four custom stamps (pictured above). The first one (1) I use to stamp envelopes, mailing boxes or anything else I feel needs our name. The second one (2) I’ll use to stamp the parcel tags and attach to the products. The third one (3) with the logo is for fun touches through out. The last stamp (4) is for when we gift our clients a little something special as a thank you for their business. 

Here’s a few of my favorite examples of other fun ways to use rubber stamp in your packaging:

1. tags | 2. personalized canvas bag | 3. wrapping paper | 4. stationary | 5. envelope | 6. business cards

How do you use rubber stamps to personalize your packaging? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear you ideas.


  1. Beautiful packaging. I'm in love with the classic greys and the eternally stylish palette that won't date.

  2. Excellent point! It's well worth taking the time to really think about your branding so you don't regret your decisions later on. You'l end up saving time and money when you do things right the first time around. Classic palettes are always a good way to go.