February 9, 2014


For my first post, I want to start from the beginning. Why photo packaging ideas? Maybe I should start by saying I’m a photographer. My husband and I added some fun new products for our clients and I felt the need to take our packaging up a notch. Sometimes it’s easy to let the packaging of our products take a back seat but I think it’s just as important as any other part of the sales process. To have a complete and successful client experience, it’s important to follow through to the end and that means putting just as much effort into your packaging as you do to anything else. 

My Process: From ideas to final product 
Once I decided I wanted to freshen up our packaging, I started to do some research online. I started my search on Pinterest and on Google. I was mainly looking for inspiration ideas. 
  1. Start a Pinterest board. I decided to start a packaging idea Pinterest board where I would pin elements or ideas that I might want to include in my packaging.
  2. Pick your colors. I picked out colors that I wanted my packaging to have. I knew I had to incorporate my signature color from my branding into my packaging but I also added some other fun colors and elements that would compliment my main color to give my packaging the look I wanted.
  3. Pick your elements. While creating my inspiration board, I started to see a pattern forming. It helped me figure out what elements I wanted to include in my packaging. By elements I mean, kraft paper, rubber stamps, tags, ribbons, stickers, etc.
  4. Budget yourself. It’s so easy to go crazy here but you have to be realistic. Take a look at what you’re charging for your sessions or weddings and budget accordingly. Tally up how much it will cost you to create a total package and make sure it fits into your current pricing (or else you may need to adjust your pricing accordingly.)
  5. Do your research. Now that I chose my colors, elements and budget, I started looking online for places that sold what I needed. I mainly searched Google and Etsy for my own project.
  6. Purchase. Now I found everything I need—it’s time to buy. I wanted to test some things out, so I bought sample-size amounts of certain things like the twine, and thank you cards. 
Branding Tip: Don’t forget to brand your packaging with custom things as much as possible. It gives your packaging that boutique look. 

Here's a few elements on my inspiration board that helped me put together my packaging:

1. light kraft paper | 2. glitter washi tape | 3. parcel tags | 4. thank you cards | 5. rubber stamps | 6. twine

Below are photos of what my packaging currently looks like:

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