March 10, 2014


I always try to be eco friendly whenever possible in my everyday life, so why not use the same principals and ideas in my packaging? You could argue if you are trying to be eco friendly then why not skip the packaging all together? Well, that’s a good point, and for some of you that might be a great alternative. But for me, because I do offer physical products, I need to think about how I deliver the products, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t try and be as eco friendly as possible.

Here’s a few ways you can try to be more eco friendly with your photo packaging: 

1. Use recyclable, recycled, reusable and/or bio-degradable supplies: There’s a lot of great options now a days. Look for companies that use responsible sources for their packaging items. Shop for packaging materials that are natural such as cotton, hemp or silk. Here’s just a few companies that offer eco friendly packages: Nashville Wraps, Kraft & JuteCreate for less, Greener Printer and Globe Guard Products

2.  Use packaging that could be re-purposed by clients: Try using muslin bags to present your flash drives. Canvas totes or cloth can be used to wrap your photo albums or use nice keepsake boxes made out of recycled materials that your clients will be happy to save and reuse. 

3. Order your supplies in bulk: Once you've decided on what your photo packaging will look like, order enough supplies to last you a while. This means you won't have to constantly order from the supplier which cuts down on their packaging waste (and you'll save money over the long run). 

Are you using already using eco friendly photo packaging supplies? Let a comment and let us know what your favorite eco friendly suppliers and products are. 

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