March 25, 2014


Today's lovely submission comes from Chloe from Chloe Jennings Photography.  I just love what Chloe did with her packaging. There's something about it that's just so timeless and beautiful. Aren't the soft muted tones so great? I hope you enjoy looking through her photo packaging get inspired as much as I did.

Business Name: Chloe Jennings Photography


About Chloe Jennings Photography's packaging: "My current packaging is a reflection of my love for nature and eco friendly projects. I tried to be as environmentally conscience about my product selection as I could. Most aspects of the packaging are DIY. I can easily customize the packaging just by changing the stamp, ribbon, or washi tape. I kept the cd cases, boxes, and bags all neutral colors (kraft) for just this reason; to make it customizable in the future. I change my mind so much when it comes to color schemes, so this just made sense. I've had this packaging since 2011, so I'll be updating it this year! My clients have loved receiving their photos in these packages. They really enjoy the extra thought I put into making everything."

Packaging Supplies:
Business cards - Carderizer
CD Cases - Guided
Flash Drive Boxes - Create for less
Print boxes - Print File
Muslin Bags - size 4x6" from Muslin Bags
Custom rubber stamps - Rubber Stamps
Shipping filler - Natural wood excelsior 
Ribbon and hang tags - JoAnne Fabric and Craft Stores

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