March 24, 2014


One of the things I love the most about using muslin bags in photo packaging is that you can easily take a blank, generic looking bag and easily personalize it to perfectly fit your branding.

Here's a quick tutorial of how you can personalize your own muslin bags.

What you'll need:

muslin bag
custom rubber stamp
rubber stamp ink


1. Cut the cardboard so that it fits inside your muslin bag.
2. Place cardboard inside muslin bag.
3. Ink your rubber stamp then carefully ink your muslin bag.
4. Let your muslin bag dry and remove your cardboard.
5. Tie one ribbon end to one end of your muslin bag drawstring.
6. Pull the drawstring until the original drawstring is out and the ribbon is in.
7. Cut or untie your original drawstring.
8. Cut the ribbon to the size you want it.

1. When you are stamping your bag, be careful not to rock your stamp back and forth. Just apply an even amount of pressure when pressing down on the bag and come straight down—not at an angle.

2. Make sure to test your ink first on a piece of paper before applying it to your bag. Depending on the color of your bag, the color may look a little different once stamped.

3. Make sure your stamp is fully coated with ink before you place it on the bag.

4. You might have to open up the drawstring opening using your scissor if the knot tying the drawstring and the ribbon is too big and not fitting through the original opening.

1. You can replace your ribbon with baker's twine or leave the original drawstring if you'd prefer.

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