March 5, 2014


Today's submission comes all the way from Canada from the wonderful Stacey Morris from Happy Tails Pet Photography. I'm a big fan of Stacey's work and was so happy when she was kind enough to share her photo packaging ideas with us. I just love all the little details, like how she incorporated her logo using stickers and being a big dog lover myself, I love all the puppy paws and animal references.

Business Name: Happy Tails Pet Photography (Ontario, Canada)


About Happy Tail Pet Photography's packaging: "Happy Tails Pet Photography specializes in modern, on-location, lifestyle pet photography. A Happy Tails session is playful, relaxed and completely customized to each pet's personality, so I try to incorporate this in my packaging (for example, I often include a small print of the pet as a tag). I also try to make it feel friendly and approachable, so I like using items with an organic feel, like my stamp (a lucky find!) and kraft paper. I'm always tweaking my packaging - I'm a sucker for wrapping paper, and I'm constantly switching mine up, depending on what I see in the stores. Here in Canada, we don't have many places to shop for specialty packaging for photographers (and shipping from the U.S. can be high), so I always have my eyes open for items I can incorporate when I'm out shopping."

Packaging Supplies:
Stickers -
Kraft bags, small pink treat bags, yarn, stamp & ink - Michael's
Pink tissue paper - Dollarama
Paw print wrapping paper - Homesense
Chocolate brown boxes and natural ribbon - My print lab's boutique packaging

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