March 31, 2014


We've all seen them. They are plain looking photo boxes that we use to put our client's photos in. Most photo labs offer them in a few different colors, usually white, black or brown and some labs even include a matching ribbon to go with it. It seems like an easy enough thing to do, just put the photos in there but once you've done that you'll find yourself wonderful if you did enough to incorporate this photo box into your branding. If they look a little plain and boring, there's a quick fix to that. All you need is to put a little more time and effort into making sure that this once plain looking box becomes something your clients will surely love to receive.

Here's a few things that you might want to try to spice up that plain looking photo box:

1. Put a ribbon on it. If your photo box came with a ribbon, more than likely it's not going to match your branding colors. So why not switch it up. Only because the box came with the ribbon doesn't mean you have to use it. Go out and buy a ribbon that will perfectly match your brand. If your photo lab doesn't include a ribbon with your photo box, then that's the first thing you can do to brighten up a sterile looking box.

2. Stamp it. If the material your photo box is made out of allows it, take out your custom rubber stamp and stamp away. This is one of the easiest things you can do that make that photo box look like a custom well thought out part of your packaging. If you don't already have a custom stamp, I highly recommend getting one. It can be incorporated in so many ways into your packaging it's well worth the investment.

3. Wrap it up. We wrap our gift boxes during Christmas or birthdays, why not do the same with our photo boxes? Wrap up your photo box using your custom wrapping paper or take a plain kraft or white wrapping paper and customize it using your our custom rubber stamp or get creative and add a little pop of color using simple rubber stamps you can find at your local craft store that incorporate elements in your branding, such as hearts, leaves, etc.

4. Washi tape it.  Washi tape can be such a fun way to add a little color and personality to any plain looking packaging material. There are so many options out there, I'm sure you'll find something that matches your branding and if you can't seem to find something that you like, there are companies out there that make custom made washi tape. If you haven't already, you might want to take a look at my brief guide to washi tape where I cover all the information you'll need to know about washi tape.

5. Put a sticker on it.  You know those custom stickers you ordered a long time ago and can't figure out how to use them, well this is where they can come in handy. Just stick them on your photo box.  I would advice from going sticker crazy but one strategically placed sticker can add a whole new life to that plain looking box. Just make sure that your box and sticker are proportionate in size. So don't use a giant sticker on a tiny box or a tiny sticker or a huge box.

6. Put a photo on it.  Why not put a little sneak peak as to what the photo box contains. Put a photo from your client's session on top of your plain photo box. You can secure it using some double sized tape or removable glue dots.

There are endless things that you could  do to transform your plain photo box and make it into a memorable one, your imagination is the only limit. What are ways you personalize your photo box to match your branding? I'd love to know, leave a comment below!

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