March 20, 2014


Today's wonderful submission comes from the lovely Megan of Meg Haley Photographs. I was so happy when Meg agreed to share her photo packaging with us. It just love all the different elements she incorporated into her packaging that fit so perfectly with her branding. I hope you enjoy looking at this and get as inspired as I did.

Business Name: Meg Haley Photographs


About Meg Haley Photographs packaging: "I am a fine art wedding photographer living in a small village in western Massachusetts. I also shoot a lot of nature and landscape imagery, so being in the country is very important to me, though I travel anywhere work takes me. Because of my nature and landscape work, I tend to document a lot of weddings that are steeped in nature, which is wonderful!

When I thought about how I wanted to package and present the pieces of art that I am delivering to clients and some of my correspondence; I knew that I wanted something that would lend itself to the artwork, something that would create a sense of nostalgia, and I wanted natural materials that would fit with the type of nature centric work I am creating. That is where brown paper packages wrapped in twine and linen come in. Bamboo and pine USB’s, handcrafted boxes and photofolios made from loktah papers, and more."

Packaging Supplies: 
Handcrafted boxes and photo folios - Loktah    
Hand ripped cotton ribbon and twine - Olive Manna  
Textiles & Paper Goods - Oliva Manna (You can also find Natalie’s shop on Etsy) 
Art Prints - Richard Photo Lab 
Custom wooden USB -

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