March 4, 2014


Today's wonderful submission comes from the lovely Mikki from Mikki Skinner Photography. I just love all the delicate details in her packaging and it's the perfect extension to her website branding. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Business Name: Mikki Skinner Photography


About Mikki Skinner's packaging: "I like things simple. My photography, my home, my cooking, my children's clothing, are all simple and I definitely wanted my packaging to reflect this element of myself. I also wanted it to be pleasing to the eye and wonderful to touch and was able to encompass this by incorporating different textures and mediums. Hope you enjoy this little extension of me!"

Packaging details: 
CD Sleeves – Stump Town Printers
DVDs – US Digital Media
Corrugated Roll – Box City
Wood Excelsior – Box City
Boxes – Print My Thing
Muslin Bags – Amazon (RiteBrew)
Stamps – Simon’s Stamps

*Side note: Print My Thing doesn't offer the boxes I ordered through them anymore.

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