April 22, 2014


Today's wonderful packaging submission comes from Amanda of Amanda Adams Photography. Where to start? There are so many things I love about Amanda's photo packaging. I love her creative use of the baker's boxes with the windows. And what about those beautiful wooden usb boxes. They will surely make a great keepsake for her clients. I especially love that personal touch with the custom soaps. I hope you get as much inspiration from her packaging as I did.

Business Name: Amanda Adams Photography

Website: www.amandaadamsphotography.com

About Amanda Adams Photography's packaging: "Amanda Adams Photography specializes in family portraiture and capturing moments of the family as a whole.  That includes everything from weddings to holiday portraits.  When it came time to design the packaging for our portrait products I knew that I wanted something that reflected my own personality and love for the ocean, as well as to provide my clients with a unique gift from me, as a thank you for letting me into their lives.  I worked closely with The Daily Scrub to design the scent and shape of the handmade soaps and together we were able to come up with a beautifully scented lavender soap bar that rises in the center like a wave in the ocean.  The bakers boxes were chosen to showcase the soaps and the custom wooden USB drives so each client feels as if they're opening a gift when they receive their portrait packages.  All of AAP's portrait packages arrive with prints in various sizes so it was necessary to have beautiful boxes that not only keep the portraits safe in shipping, but also present well.  The DVD's are custom designed by AAP and printed at home using an Epson Artisan 835 printer.  We feel that the packaging presented to our clients is nicely put together and represents our brand well, but also gives clients a boutique packaging presentation that they're proud to display and show off.  The lavender soap bars also gives our moms a chance to relax after working so hard at planning their family's portrait sessions." 

Packaging Supplies: 
Kraft Crinkle Paper for Packaging - Etsy
Roll of Kraft Paper for Wrapping Canvas prints -  Etsy
Baker's Boxes with windows - BRP Box Shop 
Thank You Cards - designed by me, printed at Miller's Professional Imaging 
Luxe Mailing Labels - Miller's Professional Imaging
Handmade Lavender Soaps - The Daily Scrub
DVD's - purchased at Staples and printed at my home using an Epson Artisan 835 printer
Kraft DVD cases -  Etsy
Aqua Portrait Print Boxes - H-B Photo Packaging 
Business cards - Moo


  1. It was an honor to work with Amanda on her soaps! Thank you so much for the mention! Amanda has amazing taste and style!

  2. Yes, Amanda has great taste! Her custom soaps were definitely one of my favorite part of her photo packaging. Beautiful work Rachel :)

  3. Wow! This is great Amanda. And your personality is reflected in your packaging. I really loved your wooden box work. It looks classy. Also, I appreciate your idea to add such a creative personal touch to the custom soaps. Great work!!
    As Lucy said, it will make a great keepsake for your clients Amanda and they will love your creative packaging works for products.

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