April 8, 2014


Today's wonderful submission comes from Ash and Kyle of Forte Photography and Cinema. I really love what they did with their packaging. It just looks so professional and matches their branding perfectly. I especially love that wooden box. What a wonderful keepsake for their clients. I hope you enjoy looking through their packaging and get as inspired as I did.

Business Name: Forte Photography and Cinema

Website: www.forte-photography.com

About Forte Photography and Cinema: "We specialize in St Louis and Destination Weddings. We get asked quite often about our packaging from other vendors and clients. It took us a very long time scouring the internet to find what we felt best represented our brand and our clients as well. We wanted everything to have an organic, handmade and customized feel, because these are words we use to describe our product and brand. We decided to use a neutral palate with wood grains and natural materials that we could accent with customized ribbons and finishing touches, depending on the theme and colors of the client's event."

Packaging Supplies: 
DVD casesLotkah. Our DVD cases are made of eco-friendly materials, with a hemp cover and handmade paper sleeves. 
DVDs - printed at home. 
USBs and boxes Pexagon Technology. The USBs are engraved and have a magnetic closure. 
CD sleeves and stationary - are from a green office supply store called Guided. We hand-stamp our logo and all the images/text onto our products as well.



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