April 14, 2014


Growing up, I used to love collecting stickers. They were so many cute designs and colors. As I grew older, my interest in stickers diminished but now it's back. Now that I have my own business, I revisited my long lost love for stickers and they have found a way back into my life once again. Whether it be custom made stickers or stickers that you can buy at a local craft store, stickers are such a great way to brand and add some personality to your photo packaging.

Here are a few ideas of how you can use your stickers in your packaging:

1. Mailing address - A custom mailing address sticker with your business name and/or logo can make your packaging mailing box look a whole lot more professional. I would definitely recommend it if you have not so great hand writing. You don't want the first thing your clients see to come off as unprofessional.

2. Seal an envelope or paper bag - Remember that thank you card that you include with your photo packaging. Why not seal it with a sticker? For this in particular, I don't think it's necessary to use a custom sticker even though you are more than welcome to use one if you'd like. But you could also use a sticker that you bought at your local craft store that incorporates a shape from your branding such as a heart, a star or triangle. Stickers are also perfect to seal your kraft paper bags with. You know, the ones filled with goodies for your clients.

3. Personalize your plain box, paper bag or dvd sleeve - Sometimes these items can seem a little impersonal, so it's important to add a personal touch. Stickers are the perfect way. They easily adhere to most surfaces and can instantly add that touch of color to that otherwise bland packaging material.

4. Use it to hold an item - Where it'd be a parcel tag or a ribbon, stickers are an easy tool to use to help keep items in place.

5. Send a message - A sticker doesn't only have to have your logo or business name on it. Include fun messages in your packaging by using stickers.

6. Gift them - Depending on who your clientele is, stickers might be a fun little gift to include with your photo packaging. If you're a family photographer, this might be the perfect little thank you gift for the little ones. They'll not only have fun figuring out where to stick them, they can leave a nice reminder to the parents of your business.

How do you use stickers in your photo packaging? I'd love to know, leave a message below!

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