April 15, 2014


Today's wonderful submission comes from Sarah of SKNOW Photo by Sarah Mitchell.  Sarah's packaging really stood out to me. I love how she incorporated her signature color through out her packaging and all the packaging elements she decided to include from the wax seal to the custom print release cards. Her packaging feels like it's a natural extension from her online branding.

Business Name: SKNOW Photo by Sarah Mitchell

Website: www.sknowphoto.com 

About SKNOW Photo: "As far as packaging goes, i wanted something that was comfortable, relaxed, relatable.. while still being professional, clean, and boutique.  using more natural/recycled/sustainable packaging seemed to be a great way of doing this while staying true to my brand.  I do family lifestyle portraits as well as weddings/engagements, so I needed something that wasn't overly romantic or overly fun/immature. So… thats kind of how things came about!"

Packaging Supplies: 
White Shipping Boxes, Tissue Paper and Recycled Packing Material – ULINE
Custom Print Release Cards – MOO
Washi Tape and Yellow Bakers Twine – Etsy
Custom Rubber Stamp – Simon’s Stamps
Recycled Gift Tag, Thank You Cards, and Stamp Ink – Michaels
Custom Wax Seals – Wax Seals
Recycled DVD Sleeve – Kraft and Jute
Recycled Cardboard Pulp USB Boxes – Sustainable Packaging Industries
Custom Wooden USB Drives – Flash Bay
Custom DVDs – myself

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