April 10, 2014


Today's wonderful submission comes all the way from the UK thanks to Steven of Steven Anthony Photography.  I really love the balance between the natural elements and the fun pops of his signature color. The stamps and stickers with Steven's logo make his packaging look very professional yet his USB box and candies makes you feel special, like someone put time and effort making this beautiful package just for you.

Business Name: Steven Anthony Photography

Website: www.stevenanthonyphotography.co.uk

About Steven Anthony Photography's packaging: "I am a documentary wedding and family portrait photographer based in East London.  I put these packages together with the help of my lovely wife for my wedding clients.  As most clients tend not to order albums now I really wanted to give them something that they could still get excited about seeing and opening when they receive their pictures.  After all the planning for their wedding, the dedication on the day and all the post processing time, It would devalue everything to just throw a USB stick in a jiffy bag and post it off.  My clients love them and always comment on how nice they are. "

Packaging Supplies:
Clear top tins - ebay
Branded stickers - www.moo.com
Colored tissue paper - Sainsbury's
Colored ribbon - www.tinyboxcompany.co.uk
Logo stamp - www.englishstamp.com
Other stamps - HobbyCraft
Paper bedding -  ebay
Sugar coated almonds - ebay
Mini prints -  www.peak-imaging.com

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