May 8, 2014


Today's wonderful submission comes thanks to Melissa of Missy B Photography. There's so many things that I love about Melissa's packaging. You can tell she put a lot of effort and love into putting it all together. There are just so many fun surprises that she includes in her packaging for her clients, like candy and those adorable onesies for her newborn clients. She has the perfect mix between that professional look and fun touch. I hope her packaging inspire you as much as it did me.

Business Name: Missy B Photography


About Missy B Photography's packaging: "I’m a details girl. I’ve always had a love for little things like pretty papers and stationary, paper clips and unique packaging. So when the time came for me to design my branding and packaging, I wanted it to be perfect. It took lots of trial and error but I have finally gotten to my branding & packaging happy place.

When I first created my business name, I wanted to have a unique name that people would remember. “Melissa Benzinger Photography” sounded too boring to me so after a lot of thought, I chose a play on words and decided on “Missy B Photography” complete with a bee theme.  I’m a big fan of bright playful colors, so my branding colors are pink and yellow, which I mix with grey chevron throughout all of my branding. All my marketing materials are press printed on linen cardstock to really make that big first impression.

When designing my packaging, I wanted it to be more than just a plain box full of photos, CD or thumb drive. I wanted it to be an extension of my attention to detail and make the client feel like they are opening a gift. I wanted it to carry on the style, whimsy and playfulness of my branding, all while providing a safe way to transport the final product to my client.

After working so hard to make a good first impression when you speak with a potential client on the phone for the very first time, to sending out their welcome packet to the actual session itself, you are constantly selling yourself and your brand. As a custom photographer, I create an experience. From amazing customer service to pretty packaging, I want my client to really feel the value in my work from beginning to end. 

On top of my pretty packaging, I like to throw in little surprises for my clients. I use these cute custom fabric tie bags to put gifts like a set of complimentary wallets or photo keychain.  I love that these bags can be reused for lots of things and it’s a great way to get your name out there.

As part of keeping things fun, I like to include treats that aren't sticky/gooey so they can be eaten while the client opens up their package and enjoys looking at their photos. Since the Jelly Belly Factory is only about 30 miles from my studio, I figure it's only fitting I give my clients the best jelly beans on Earth! I like to package them in cute kraft pillow boxes tied up with pretty twine that matches my branding colors. Ideally the next time they have a jelly bean, they’ll think of Missy B and maybe even think to book their next session!

Think of your packaging as the one last chance you get to wow your client and really show them just how special custom portraits can be. Showcasing your work in pretty packaging that compliments your branding is one of many ways to stand out and be remembered the next time the client wants to book another session or when they have a friend asking for a referral. 

Whether or not you have a large budget or small budget, there are always ways to go the extra mile to make your work leave that one amazing lasting impression."

Packaging Supplies:
Boxes - H-B Photo
Fabric thumb drive case + CD/DVD fabric sleeves + tie bags - The Pink Dandelion
Stickers + mini cards + business cards -
Rubber stamp - This is Just To Say
Thumb drive - Flashbay
Custom 2" and 3" labels - PaperJacks

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