May 29, 2014


There are so many wonderful new companies out there that offer great photo packaging products for photographers, so we are going to start featuring companies that I think you'd guys might want to check out.

Today's product feature comes from Mary and Sam Prescott of The Lovable Photo Packaging Co. I just love their wooden photo boxes. What a wonderful way to present your images to your clients and they also make a great keepsake.

Business Name: The Loveable Photo Packaging Co.


About The Lovable Photo Packaging Co. :
Everything you see on this site has been sourced exclusively from companies that: operate in a country with a democratically elected government, pay fair living wages, use sustainable practices and are run by lovely people. Over the last year we've learned how difficult it is to source products that meet all of these requirements, and you'll see from this blog post that we're still on the never-ending hunt for a fairtrade equivalent of USB drives (we even have a giveaway if someone can refer us!). Still, we believe in the movement, and are so privileged to be in a position to be a part of it. We love to hear about other like minded companies, and even go so far as to encourage people to buy from competitors if they're advocating for fair labour as well, competition is good, and the more companies taking this route the better!

The Lovable Photo Packaging Co. was started by a photographer who has been offering this packaging for years and knows how important it is to do everything you can for your clients. While we do that for you, hopefully we're assisting you with your own.
Finally, we’re well aware that there are similar packaging options out there (some based on ours - we have been fielding requests for the details of our packaging for a long time) but as well as promising sustainability in an environmentally friendly product, we promise to stay fresh, exciting and ahead of the market with new options and ideas.

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