June 10, 2014


Today's wonderful submission comes from Arielle of Arielle Doneson Photography. There are so many things I love about Arielle's photo packaging. I love the muslin bag with her logo on them and as well the beautiful wooden boxes. And her stationary is just so lovely. The muted colors are just so classic looking and I love how it perfectly matches her online branding. I hope her packaging inspires you as much as it did me.

Business Name: Arielle Doneson Photography

Website: www.ariellephoto.com

About Arielle Doneson Photography's packaging: "As a fine art film wedding photographer it was very important to me for my branding and packaging to reflect the soft, luminous, organic, and handmade quality I showcase in my images themselves. In order to create a cohesive feel I chose natural materials, (woods, hemps, and greens) as well as a hand-stamped drawstring bag (which I use to house engagement session usb drives,) and stationery suite. This is all part of the artisanal and handmade nature of film photography itself."

Packaging Supplies:
Stationery and drawstring bags - Paper source
Thumdrives and boxes - photoflashdrive.com
Mini folio - Cypress albums
Box and hemp twine - Hobby Lobby
Candle - Slatkin and co.
Prints and proof box - Richard Photo Lab.

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