June 12, 2014


Today's wonderful submission comes thanks to Marie of Walkowski Photography. Marie shared with us her lovely welcome packet for her wedding clients. I love how professional Marie's packet looks. All the printed cards show her attention to details and I love how she incorporated her signature colors and her logo through out her packaging. I hope you enjoying looking through her welcome packet as much as I did.

Business Name: Walkowski Photography

Website: www.walkowskiphoto.com

About Walkowski Photography's packaging: I am a portrait and wedding photographer located in Wausau WI.  I am very passionate about what I do.  My favorite part of being a photographer is being able to share in my clients excitement and being able to get involved in their life. So with that being said, I wanted to create something completely special for my wedding clients.  When a client books me I always tell them I don't just want to be your photographer I want to be your friend. I want to be the one that you call for not only your wedding but all the amazing moments in your life. 

So, to start that relationship I wanted to create something special for my wedding clients to show them that I am just as invested in them as they are in me. So I created my wedding welcome packet. I wanted it to be able to speak to my clients and show my brand. To show my clients that I care and to help give them unique tips from how to an amazing engagement session, to wedding vendor list, to what to expect the day of your wedding. I want to make sure that my clients were educated on what to expect. 

I put to a lot of thought and effort into this wedding packet. I purchased the design templates from Design Aglow and customized them to my business. I got some amazing folders from Kraft and Jute as I love the kraft paper and it speaks to my brand. Then I asked a few of my friends to help me with the final touches with a hand stamped thank you card that I put a personal note in and a tote to store it all in.  Also in this packet is a copy of the contract along with samples of the formal picture list and a timeline sample schedule. 

I love my clients and want the best for them on their wedding day so I just wanted to put something together that is very personal to me and hopefully to them.

Packaging Supplies:
Presentation Folders - Kraft and Jute
Press Printed Cards - Millers Professional Lab or ACI
Templates for the press printed cards - 
Design Aglow (Customized wedding welcome packet).
Thank you card - Custom made by a friend
Tote - Custom made by a friend

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