July 1, 2014


Today's wonderful submission comes thanks to Marlee of Marlee Davis Photography. I just love Marlee's photo packaging! It's so beautiful and fun. I love all the colors she used and how they match her online branding. You can tell she put a lot of work and thought into making her packaging just perfect. I hope Marlee's packaging inspires you as much as it did me.

Business Name: Marlee Davis Photography

Website: www.marleedavisphotography.com

About Marlee Davis Photography's packaging: "I'm a newborn, child, and family photographer located in Spanish Fork, Utah. I am in love with bright, colorful photos and the charm of a good DIY project. That being said, most of my packaging and branding was designed and created by yours truly! I have always loved figuring out how to do things myself and then turn around and make it mine and I wanted to portray that in my photography, branding, and packaging. I like to pour my heart into each session and I want to portray that with each package I send to my clients. I also like to add a few prints or something special in every package as a "Thank You" gift for my clients to let them know that I appreciate them."

Packaging supplies:
Custom USB - Flashbay
Business Cards/Thank You Trifold - Designed by me. Printed at ProDPI
Custom USB Box - DIY project personally designed by me and cut with my Silhouette machine. (Silhouette machine can be bought here:www.silhouetteamerica.com)
Paper Bows - DIY project personally designed by me and cut with my Silhouette machine.
Camera Charm - Whimsey & Pop
Flower Cabochon - Whimsey & Pop
Ribbon - Joann's Craft Store
Shredded paper - Local craft store
Candy - Local grocery store

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